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Jul 19, 2011 10:00pm EDT
as resiinntionn both t the companyy addat scotland yard the murdoohs appeared before aa committee oo the brittsh parliament. at sot :thii ii two and half ours intt testimmoy a ppooeettrr hurlld a plaae appareetly off shavvng cream at rupert murdooh. hisswwfe aaparentty ssved the day. the pmn was taken away by authorities. earlier murrdch reacted to reporrs phooe vvice mmals were - allegedll hacked bb thoseeat - news of the woold not jst of public figures but those of soldiers, victtmm of crime includdng thirteennyeaa old british girl millie dowler who was kiddapped thhn killed in 2002.murddoc ssys: "i was & absoouttly shockeddappallld pad shamed when i hearr about pto weeks ago." murdoch went on to rejjec reports that phooes f nine--leven victims have been hackkd. - murdoch says::" eehave not - seen no evidence oo ttat t pweell treat it the exact same way as we reated here and i - can't believe it happennd - anywwere n ameriica" both they said they were not -3 awareeof bboad--asee hhcking or alleged bribeey of polic
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1